Resin Prototyping

The use of resin for rapid prototyping is one of the most sought after, because it’s a very versatile material and is applicable to many products from the most varied sectors.

In the preproduction prototype, 3D printing can also act as a process accelerator.

Indicated for small series productions of up to 30 pieces/model, obtaining a finish and end product resistance.

Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to obtain molds for production. These molds can be manufactured from printed templates.

3D Printing of Small Series Molds

With resin prototyping, we are able to produce your injection molds for the production of plastic parts.

It is important to know that 3D mold printing does not replace steel mold production, but a complement. This add-on allows customers to test part design and detect some issues before final production.

Manufacturing is a faster process than the traditional method and can be used for the production of small test series.

The materials used in it’s manufacture can withstand high temperature. We were able to get hundreds of parts from the mold, depending on the material.

Thus, it is possible to print a mold to be able to test it’s prototypes and produce small series