Additive Resin Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technology is associated with 3D object printing process. The production process is constructed by adding material layers on top of each other through its 3D model.

In this way AMS works with printing technology that enables us to obtain detailed pieces very close to the final product, working with materials such as steel and resin at a lower price and much faster.

This technology also enables the fabrication of complex geometries that would be difficult to achieve through traditional fabrication. It also allows to customize as the customer preference and also enables greater sustainability, since it uses less material and generates less waste in the production of a piece.

Tray Dimensions: 342x342x200
Tray Dimensions: 490x390x200


Setor Médico

The medical sector is an industry that bets on innovation and development.

Additive resin manufacturing in this type of industry is considered a way to save and improve lives. We are able to derive from patient data the ability to create and fabricate structures that are difficult to reach through traditional methods.

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Consumer Goods

Additive manufacturing is increasingly being used in consumer goods. This allows for mass and small batch customization, working with complex geometries, reducing product development process costs among various applications.

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