Impressão Metal 3D
Additive Metal Manufacturing

Additive metal manufacturing technology is associated with 3D object printing process. The production process is constructed by adding material layers on top of each other through its 3D model.

3D Metal Printing is gaining more and more revealing space in many areas of activity.

Therefore, AMS works with printing technology that enables us to obtain detailed pieces very close to the final product. We work with materials such as steel at a lower price and much faster.

This technology also enables the fabrication of complex geometries that would be difficult to achieve through traditional fabrication.

It also allows to customize as the customer preference and also enables greater sustainability, since it uses less material and generates less waste in the production of a piece.

Work Area: 300x200x200mm
Maximum Dimensions: 255x170x170mm


Automobile Industry

The fabrication of metal components for the automotive industry is an alternative to traditional production methods since as no mold production required.

This technology allows the automotive industry to manufacture lighter parts.

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The 3D metal manufacturing process is also used in dental parts.

This technology is revolutionizing this industry. It is a sector that demands high safety, and the parts are manufactured with the highest quality and certified materials.

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Conformal Cooling Channels

The mold industry can also benefit from 3D metal printing technology.

Through this technology it is possible to design shaped channels for the mold industry. It is a faster and more accurate production process compared to conventional methods.

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