About Us

AMS is a company that invests on innovation and technology, developing engineering solutions directed to the prototyping industry, pieces production, molds and plastic pieces injection, located in Leiria, Portugal.

It operates on the most several business areas, such as automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, medicine, education, end-consumer products and other areas.

Coupled with our high technology and innovation we offer our customers an excellent level of quality and low-cost service in a short time.

We operate in many areas including engineering and product development, additive manufacturing, 3D modeling, reverse engineering and conformal cooling channels.


Mission, Goal & Vision

Our mission is to ensure the quality and excellence of our prototypes and bring your ideas to life.

We advocate a partnership relationship with the customer, so that the development process is fast and agile. This will allow to optimize the design cycle, reduce the risks involved in production and improve efficiency in order to obtain competitive products in the market. 

AMS mission and objectives are our motivation to continue to grow and to be your reference partner and trusted prototype developer. We aim to continuously bet on innovation, technology and training of our team.