AMS is a company that provides specialized Prototyping services with the highest quality.

We operate in many areas including engineering and product development, additive manufacturing, additive resin manufacturing, additive metal manufacturing, resin prototyping, 3D modelling, reverse engineering and conformal cooling channels.

Our services enable customers to realize their projects and ideas very quickly while maintaining quality.

AMS’s team is ready to interact with the customer at every stage of product development, until the realization of your project.



We develop through innovation and latest technology until a

complete piece production.

We follow from the construction of your 3D project and making adjustments, to the final physical form idealized by the customer.

By Industry

Consumer Goods

We turn your ideas into reality!

We are your ideal partner to give us your ideas for your projects. Your ideas are very important to us and we can make them quickly and in the highest quality. 3D printing offers several advantages for your product development such as:

  • Ability to shorten production cycles and product development life cycles, resulting in faster product development, accelerating the process and stimulating the creation of new products;
  • Explore the production process quickly and economically;
  • Evaluate the product and perform tests in order to optimize it before launching it in the market;
  • Get a more complete idea of ​​what the product will look like in the early design and manufacturing phase, allowing you to make changes that will be implemented early in the process.

We offer our customers high quality parts and prototypes made of materials such as resin and metal for various industries and applications.